Say No To The Quarry

If you live in Hornchurch, Upminster, Cranham, Elm Park, Rainham or Dagenham. Join us today.

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Our Purpose

Our mission is to generate local support, media attention and evidence, to help inform debate and defend against a new quarry from opening within metres of the homes, schools and businesses of local residents.  

Our purpose is to justly challenge the planning proposal, to protect our community, the local environment and road safety. Including the wildlife reserve in Hornchurch Country Park.

We need your help.

How you may help too

Stay informed

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We need your support, whether you wish to join a meeting, help deliver leaflets, or have expert skills to help; such as legal, environmental, or campaign management. So please step forward and leave your contact details Here. 


We are a non-profit, run by volunteers. While the NO QUARRY team work for free, there are costs associated with running a successful campaign. Legal advice, leaflets and meeting halls don't all come free!  

Your donations will help challenge the planning application, on your behalf.  

Where is the Petition?

We will be setting up a petition for residents to sign

A petition needs to object against specific concerns.  The planning application for a new quarry has not yet been applied for by Brett Aggregates. Havering Council will make the application public, when they receive it.

Once the application is lodged and we have reviewed it. We will quickly ask people to sign a petition, to relevantly challenge the application.

We look forward to seeing your name on the petition, along with your neighbours.


You May Say No To The Quarry  In Your Window Too

Download an A4 Poster for you to print and post in your window from:  Here

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We are residents, helping to protect fellow residents, schools, businesses and the environment in Havering. 

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