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Who We Are

Residents and former pupils, representing other residents, schools and businesses in the surrounding area. Over 1,700 local people have already joined our social media campaign and over 200 have volunteered to help. We need you to join too.

We are engaging with experts in public health, law, business and environmental impact. To gain evidence and better inform the planning process.

Introducing Some Of Your Community Team

The team of NO QUARRY members simply arrived a little before you did. They thought it worth doing something about the situation and sorted out; the Facebook Group, the first resident meeting and this website. All in a few days.  

They are residents, ex-residents and former pupils from the local area, volunteering their time to help. You are welcome to join them in the campaign to Say No To The Quarry too.  The team is adding the help of other local residents, businesses and experts, to help tackle the challenge ahead. Here are just a few of the initial 200 volunteers:


Campaign Director

Sue was a newspaper reporter on housing, planning and social issues, for 10 years in the Midlands, before retraining in Housing for New Towns.

Council planning roles led to her become a Chartered Surveyor for Wandsworth Council, Barbican Estate and later Housing Director, Tower Hamlets.

She also ran a consultancy with teams leading redevelopment of brownfield sites. Sue claims to now be retired, but remains very active.

A relative newcomer to Hornchurch, she loves the peace and local friendliness of the community. While not a keen walker, you may catch her out on her much loved single speed bike.


Strategy Director

Kevin is an Upminster resident of 40 years standing and former Campion School student. 

He is a strategy and research consultant, who has worked for The Cabinet Office No. 10 Downing Street.

He advises corporations on how to build their business in a manner that also benefits customers and the wider community. He was awarded the Marketing Society's Award For Excellence

Kevin walks the family dog in the Gaynes Parkway area daily.


Social Media Director

Lauren is a former Francis Bardsley student and lives in Essex. She is a Social Media  professional, providing support for residents, influencers and social media sites. Helping connect and engage us all with developments and co-ordinated action. To help the local communities and businesses, work in an informed and co-ordinated way.

Lauren isn't fond of throwing tomato soup at paintings, or gluing her hand to the road. But she will help us influence thousands of residents to contest the planning application.


Professor of Conservation Biology, Oxford University

Alex is an ecologist, biologist and marine and wetland expert. He provided the scientific expertise behind David Attenborough's recent BBC TV series.  

He is also the author of the best selling book on marine conservation, The Deep: The Hidden Wonders of Our Oceans and How We Can Protect Them. Alex is an adviser to the No Quarry campaign, in connection with aspects relating to conservation and the environment.

Alex is a former Campion School student. 

Gareth Mills

Research & Design Operations

Gareth hails form Wales, but moved to London 20 years ago and is a local resident of Hornchurch.

Gareth organises marketing campaigns, design and artwork. He has arrange our logo and graphic design material, from the rough concepts developed by our team.

Gareth is an organisation engine, he is helping No Quarry engage with other groups who have previously challenged planning proposals for other quarries elsewhere. He also conducts research into material for use in our campaign.

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Get in touch to find out more, or offer help.

E-mail:  info@noquarry.uk


We are residents, helping to protect fellow residents, schools, businesses and the environment in Havering. 

Our Company is incorporated as No Quarry Ltd, registered number 14483120. 

Our Registered Office is 3rd Floor, 207 Regent St, London W1B 3HH

No Quarry is a Not-for-Profit organisation, run by unpaid volunteers.

Photos owned by our supporters or creative commons/free image download services. Any questions, please contact our team at Info@NoQuarry.uk