Our community doesn't want a quarry as a neighbour for the next 20 years.

Brett Aggregates propose to create a new quarry. Raising concern for all residents and a threat to the local environment.

Brett Aggregates propose to request planning permission to create a new sand and gravel quarry next to Berwick Pond Road. 

This borders Hornchurch Country Park, the River Ingrebourne. As well as homes, schools and businesses in Hornchurch, Upminster, and Elm Park. People in our community live only metres away from the proposed site.

Sand and gravel quarries are shallower than rock quarries. But digging sand releases silicate into the air, micro-fine particles that is a potential health hazard.  

Particulate Matter (PM10) particles are so small that they act like a gas. When breathed in they penetrate into the lungs.

Exposure to high concentrations of PM10 over a prolonged period can result in a number of health impacts. Ranging from coughing and wheezing, to asthma attacks and bronchitis, high blood pressure, heart attack, strokes, cancer and premature death.

The young, the elderly and persons with underlying medical conditions are most likely to be adversely affected by exposure to high PM10 concentrations.

Air quality is not measured specifically around the current quarry sites in Rainham.  Or the proposed new one beside Berwick Pond Road.   As air quality monitoring is focused more firmly on road vehicles.

Experts in health and the environment have established several risks connected with long term sand and gravel quarrying. These inform the Issues we raise on the next page, "Our Concerns."

96 HGV Trucks

Continuously removing tons of sand and gravel. Polluting the air with dust and smoke, as well as relentless noise from the quarry.

6 Days Each Week

Operating from 7am until 6pm on weekdays. Plus additional hours at the weekend.

For 20 Years

The operation is planned to run at least until 2042. Blighting our community, homes and the environment.

“I live in Rainham, not far from one of the quarries. DO NOT ALLOW this to happen anywhere else in Havering. Right now they are working on an area adjacent to a park. Heavy machinery, noise, dust, lovely!”

Sophie Hope, Local Resident


We are residents, helping to protect fellow residents, schools, businesses and the environment in Havering. 

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